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The Readycase Is The Swiss Army Knife Of iPhone Cases

The Readycase Is The Swiss Army Knife Of iPhone Cases

iPhone cases?! Yaaawwn!! Amirite? But hear us out: the Readycase doesn’t look like your average, run-of-the-mill case. Although it is primarily a 3mm thin protection for your mobile, it also doubles as a multipurpose tool. It’s loaded with a bunch of things that could actually be useful now and then. For instance, it’s got a “headphone clip; a magnetic quick-snap ring for interchangeable camera lenses; a 8GB/16GB USB drive which doubles as a multi-orientation, adjustable kick-stand; a multi-tool with a bottle opener; serrated blade, and screwdriver.”

Right now it’s a fully-funded project on IndieGoGo and $40 will get you started. At that price you get both an iPhone 4S and 5 body, as well as a 8GB flash drive.

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6 responses to “The Readycase Is The Swiss Army Knife Of iPhone Cases”

  1. Edwin Kua says:

    headphones plug to the the bottom of the phone not the top. Retouch fail.

  2. dpucc says:

    I wonder if this case would get you in big trouble with TSA screeners at the airport.

  3. dponce80 says:

    I guess I forgot to mention that you’d have to check the knife part of it, but if you forget, you’ll only lose that and nothing else. The company making the case plans on manufacturing inexpensive knife replacements.

  4. taz6648 says:

    DUH! I guess they used a 4/4s for the photos!

  5. Anna Kirsen says:

    Bit cheezy – not exactly a good hi-tec match for the iphone

  6. Richard John Jordan says:

    I think it’s not fit in iphones but u can use it in self defense in times of trouble .