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Did You Know There Exists Cellphone Valets?

Did You Know There Exists Cellphone Valets?

Proving that money will be made whenever the opportunity arises, some enterprising NYC truck owners have converted their vehicles into temporary cellphone lockers for NYC school kids. It seems that bringing mobiles to class is forbidden in all public NYC schools but unless there’s a metal detector, the policy is unenforceable. For those schools that do have them, however, the trucks have been seeing brisk business from kids eager to bring their cells with them and have them available just as soon as they step out of class. So the trucks just park in front and the kids drop them off before class, for a fee. This fee can go up to $180 per year, which most students who use the service are happy to pay. Or rather, have their parents pay. And while the cellphone valets themselves are trustworthy, they are not immune from theft; 200 lost their phones last June when one such truck was held up in the Bronx.

[ SFGate ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]


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