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Monthly Archives: September 2012

‘There’s No Place Like Home’ GPS Shoes Will Take You Places

GPS Shoes

Some people say they’re willing to go wherever the road will take them, but what if they get lost somewhere along the way? Well, if they have a pair of these There’s No Place Like Home GPS shoes, then they won’t have a problem, because these soles will help any wandering souls find their way, no matter where they want to go.

The GPS shoes are UK-based designer Dominic Wilcox’s newest project, which has been embedded with a GPS system so you can just feed in where you want to go (via a custom mapping program that’s been written especially for these shoes) and the shoes will tell you which direction to go after you click the heels together. (Sound familiar?) The right shoe measures how far (or close) you are to your destination, while the left shoe points you to the direction where you’re supposed to go.

Check out more images of the GPS shoes as well as a video from Wilcox explaining the entire concept.

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The Bitch And Stitch Club Take Notice: We Want These Panzer Slippers

Crocheting is fun. Ok, no, we lied. It’s not. At least it doesn’t look like fun. It looks like something only our grandmas should do. So we’re going to spend $7, get our hands on the PDF file with the pattern for the above Panzer slippers, and find a grandma willing to make us some. We suggest you go grandma hunting as well, because to be honest, these are some swell slippers.

Don’t believe us? Hit the jump and check them out from many angles.

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The Lockey Bottle Safe

Having kids is all fun and games, until they reach their teens and decide to start drinking. You can try to stop them, but you’ll likely be as successful at that as you’ll be trying to take a cat for a walk. At most you can do something to make sure they don’t get into your collection of wines and spirits, with the above Lockey. It’s pretty obvious what it does, isn’t it? Just plug that bottle up, and twist the top to lock it in place. That wine is going nowhere until you dial the combination in.

Well.. in theory. I remember this NYE party at a club once where a bottle of Champagne was passed around and happily ingested by everyone even after the neck had been broken off to get to the bubbly inside. So uh… at least you’ll know you tried.

It’s $20 a lock.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Damn Geeky ]

When Tired Of Running On A Treadmill, There’s Always The TreadWall

Jogging is so 2008: all the cool kids these days are climbing. Unfortunately, not all the cool kids have the kind of space that can fit a climbing wall, leaving them to scale desks, stairwells and backyard sheds. While often making for YouTube gold, the more serious athletes might want to look into the Treadwall. It’s just like a treadmill, only more vertical and with more climbing points. You set the speed and determine the course, making things as hard or easy as you think you can handle. There’s no noisy motor, speed being determined entirely by friction. The TreadWall M4 is only 4 ft. wide and shouldn’t take up much space in your home.

And if you’re the kind of hardcore climber that trains for, you know, real life, then there’s the TreadWall Kore with an overhang that can reach 35 degrees, and up to 280 different hold positions. That particular one is almost $5,000, so we expect the other models to be somewhat less, but still in the comfortable 4 digits.

No, these aren’t exactly new products, but that’s never stopped us from posting about stuff before.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

MakerBot Replicator 2 Comes Out Bigger, Stronger, And With Better Resolution

3D printers are getting better and cheaper every day, and one of the most exciting players in this field is the MarkerBot Replicator. And now they’ve announced the second generation machine, with some much needed improvements. Chief among them is the resolution. While the first Replicator was cool, it was tuned to print objects with layers 270 microns thick. That created objects that needed some sanding in order to look smooth. At 100 microns, the MakerBot Replicator 2 has increased the resolution nearly threefold, printing 3D objects that require much less post processing. You’re also able to print larger things, with 37% more volume space to fit your creations, reaching now 410 cubic inches. The use of PLA (Polylactic Acid) in the print material also means that the entire process will be less smelly than before, while the use of powder-coated steel in the frame of the machine allows it to increase speeds without compromising its structural integrity.

Overall these all look like some great steps forward, more than justifying the $2,200 asking price. Of course, you’re just seeing the early days of a new market segment; the coming years should bring that down significantly.

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Deal Of The Day: $30 On Dell 24 Inch Monitor

The thing about monitors, especially when it comes to writing a deals column, is that there’s really not much to say. The technology has reached close to its upper limit in terms of color reproduction or refresh rate. It’s not like we’re moving from CRTs to flat screens. So what there is left to say is that not all LCDs are created quite as equal, and that Dell panels are usually considered pretty good. And you can buy a 24 inch monitor now for $269 after a $30 rebate. “1920 x 1080 resolution, accepts VGA / HDMI inputs and 6ms response time. Other technical specs include 250 nit brightness, 5000:1 typical contrast ratio, and EPEAT Silver rated.”

[ $30 On Dell 24 Inch Monitor ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]

Meet the Junk King and Check Out His Massive Cathedral of Junk

Kingdom of Junk

One man’s trash can be another one’s treasure, but I’m not really sure what to make of this Austin man’s self-proclaimed Cathedral of Junk. Sure, I’d love to build my own cathedral one day and maybe a throne for myself, if I reach that level of vanity. But if they’re going to be made out of junk, I’d rather not.

However, this is what Vince Hannemann, aka the Junk King, has managed to build and more. Hannemann’s work is all about the junk and the cathedral represents much of his life’s work. It’s not my cup of tea but I guess you could say it’s artistic and creative in its own right. His cathedral suffered a blow in 2010 though, when the city of Austin asked him for a building permit and he was forced to tear half of the structure down in half.

Check out a video of the Junk King and his cathedral in all its glory after the break! You’ll be amazed at the amount of junk he managed to cram into the space he had to work with.

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This French Designer Thinks that the T-Shirts of the Future are Going to be Made Out of Wood

Future T-Shirts

When you think of fashion from the future, flashy, ultra-modern stuff that’ll probably glow bright with LED lights or something when worn might probably come to mind. But not for French designer Pauline Marcombe, who thinks that everything’s going back to the basics and to the all-natural–starting with these futuristic T-shirts. Or should I say tops? From the looks of things, it probably isn’t very fair or sensible to call her design a ‘T-shirt.’

It follows the trend of fashion getting more complicated and uncomfortable to wear. Have you seen those sky-high heelless shoes that some ‘fashionable’ women are wearing nowadays? They can call it whatever they like, but I call it a broken ankle just waiting to happen. Pauline’s design is called the Prototype Triangle Numéro 1, which is crafted out of laser-cut wooden triangles all linked together with wire.

Hit the break for more images of Pauline’s futuristic designs.

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iMpulse Lets You Get Your Game On–And Finds Your Keys, to Boot!


The popularity of mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone has made mobile gaming even more popular. Capitalizing on that is the iMpulse Bluetooth controller, which functions as both a game controller and key finder. It’s not just for the iOS devices either, because it’s also perfectly compatible with the Android.

The iMpulse’s compact size makes it easy to attach to your keychain, so you can take it with you anywhere and whip it out when you’re ready to play, anytime you want to. It also functions as a key finder in cases when you happen to misplace your keys. Just fire up the iMpulse key finder app on your phone, hit ‘Locate’, and the iMpulse will sound an alarm so you can locate it (and your keys.)

Hit the jump for a video showing off the iMpulse in action!

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