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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Fill Up These Rx Shot Glasses With Your Own Prescription of Fun

Prescription Shot Glasses

People drink for many reasons. But if your reason is to drown your sorrows, then we suggest trying to cheer yourself up using other means, lest you end up addicted and nobody wants that. Drinking should be fun and it should be done when you’re feeling festive. You don’t need to get drunk, but with great company and loads of laughter, you can be sure that you’ll have yourself a good time.

Take things up a notch by downing your shots in these quirky Rx Shot Glasses. They look like bottles for pills that you’d need a prescription for, so nobody would expect (or understand) why everyone on your table is throwing them down like there’s no tomorrow.

A set of four shot glasses is priced at $19.99.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ 7gadgets ]

Artist Makes Some Kickass Star Wars Terrariums

Seems like today is Star Wars day (considering this post if you came here directly), but we don’t mind because hey, we love the films. What you see above is a 5 inch terrarium featuring none other than Yoda, chillin on Tatooine. One Tony Larson makes these and sells them from his Etsy shop. He doesn’t only make Yoda ones, but other characters like Artoo and an Ewok. They contain no live plants, meaning you can just hang these somewhere or put them on display and not worry about watering or anything. He sells them for roughly $100 a piece, with a 3 to 4 week turnaround since they’re made to order. So… either buy, or buy not. There is no try. (We had to, sorry.)

Hit the jump for a few more pictures and links, where you’ll discover that Tony doesn’t limit his terrarium creation skills to Star Wars items but a variety of others for you to discover.

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Seiko Japan Launches Limited Edition Star Wars Watches

The Star Wars saga is perhaps the cult classic amongst geeks, so it’s no surprise to see products like the above watch making the rounds whenever they’re announced. Seiko Japan is putting out a series of wristwatches featuring various characters from the films. The one in the picture is the Seiko Brightz R2-D2, and features a 300dpi screen that can display scenes from the movies. Other watches are more traditional looking and come in flavours of Darth Maul, Darth Vader and Stormtroopers. Depending on the model, there will be between 500 and 1,500 of each made. With limited supply comes of course the fancy prices: around $1,800, although now that they’re already on the market, you can find some on eBay for less.

Hit the jump for pics and links.

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Blokket Signal Jammer Pouch Lets You Go Off the Grid When You Want To

Blokket Signal Jammer

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes, and it doesn’t help to have your phone ringing and beeping endlessly with new messages, status updates, and notifications just when you’re about to grab some shut-eye. In cases like these, you need the Blokket Signal Jammer. Okay, so you don’t really need it, since you can just power off your phone or turn the airplane mode on. But will you really give up on the chance to show off to your equally geeky buddies? I wouldn’t.

The Blokket Signal Jammer is a handy dandy RFID blocker that’ll block radio frequencies up to 99.7%. Aside from coming in handy to put your phone out of commission when you want to take a break, you can also put your passport and chipped ID cards inside to protect your identity and personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Check out another view of the Blokket Jammer pouch after the break.

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Educational Video: Guy Makes Translucent Rocket So You Can See What Goes On Inside

Being geeks doesn’t mean we only care about gadgets. Yeah, we’re called OhGizmo!, but if you haven’t noticed, we’re adjusting our editorial focus to encompass more than consumer electronics; geek culture and esoteric products are also fair game. So is science! And so are awesome videos like the one above. It’s a really interesting video made by one Ben Krasnow featuring a home-made acrylic hybrid “rocket” that lets you see what goes on inside as the gases burn. In the 5 minutes the video takes, you’ll discover that the device doesn’t actually contain any fuel: the structure of the rocket is itself the propellant.

It’s cool to watch. At least we thought so.

VIA [ Geekosystem ]

The Ostrich Pillow Lets You Nap Anywhere, Look Like A Tool

We’re all for the power naps here at OhGizmo HQ. Heck, we’d nap 25 hours a day if we could. But we’re not entirely convinced that the Ostrich pillow is anything we’d ever be caught doing it in. Admittedly, the thing is pretty awesome, if only because it’s so ridiculous looking. But it’s also sort of smart. It’s a pillow with an opening for your hands, and for your mouth and nose. Your eyes are covered and your head is cushioned whether you decide to plop your noggin down on your desk or sleep in the airplane. Sure, you look like an alien plant is devouring you from the top, but the fact that you’re blind will make it easier to ignore the stares.

It’s not a new concept; the Ostrich pillow was talked about over a year ago. But now it’s in the funding phase on Kickstarter, and it’s more than halfway to its goal. At $75, the thing sure isn’t cheap. We’re not sure just who this will appeal to, but we have a feeling that at least a couple of you will think it’s the bee’s knees.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures, a video, and links.

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Tiny Luchadors Will Block Your Audio Jack

Chalk this up as yet another Japanese fad, although this time we aren’t freaked out at all but rather amused. What you’re seeing is a set of headphone jack plugs featuring the heads of Mexican wrestling “Luchadors.” Aside from serving as an ornament for your mobile, you could make the argument that they also prevent dust from entering the jack and gumming things up in there. So whether you buy these for the look or the utility, at $8 a pop, you won’t break the bank doing so.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

China Launches Medical Hands-Free Sperm Extractor

It used to be that Japan would be the king of strange contraptions, but it looks like China wants some of that wtf action as well. You’re looking at a sperm extractor, of the human variety. It’s used at Zhengzhou Central Hospital in China and although it could technically be used for donations, its intended purpose is to treat infertility. It works pretty much as you’d expect: you insert your peener in the opening, and all manner of automated things get to work on pleasuring you. You control temperature, as well as the rate and frequency of, uh, stimulation. There’s even a screen on which you can view naked people fornicating.

Interestingly, the thing isn’t that expensive at $2,800. While it’s supposed to be used in a medical setting, there’s a good chance that the bored-with-the-fleshlight crowd might take an interest.

[ DailyMail ] VIA [ DVice ]

Getting Good Value Monthly Tariffs

The following article is sponsored. -Ed.

What are the best networks for a monthly mobile package?

With the recession, saving money and cutting costs has become a bigger incentive than ever for the average Briton. One area of our finances where we seem willing to spend large amounts is on our mobile phones and internet connection.

AOL Money revealed that millions of Britons overspend on their utilities and household bills, including gas, electricity, telephone and internet. With so many costs to balance, as well as the hard work and organisation which goes into changing habits to reduce the cost of our leisure and pleasure expenditure, finding the time and presence to focus on the most money-saving schemes for each utility in your life can prove overwhelming – are there enough hours in the day?!

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