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Autographer Chronicles Your Day By Taking Snaps Automatically and Randomly


Journals are hard to maintain, and you can’t exactly get a sense of what happened during your day outside of the office with just your planner. People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, you can capture enough snapshots worth several hundred thousand with the Autographer.

It was originally meant for people with dementia so that they could remember their day in pictures. But upon the suggestion of a lot of people, its maker OMG decided to release it for general consumers, too. The concept is simple: the Autographer, which is meant to be worn, will automatically take pictures throughout your day automatically, so you can just put it on and forget all about it–until it’s time to check out the pictures, that is. It’s equipped with five different sensors–a magnetometer, color sensor, infrared detector, accelerometer, and temperature sensor–so that the camera can detect any changes in the environment and take pictures when it does.

The Autographer will launch in the UK sometime this November for £399 (about $649), with succeeding launches planned in the United States and Japan afterward.

VIA [ Dvice ]