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This French Designer Thinks that the T-Shirts of the Future are Going to be Made Out of Wood

Future T-Shirts

When you think of fashion from the future, flashy, ultra-modern stuff that’ll probably glow bright with LED lights or something when worn might probably come to mind. But not for French designer Pauline Marcombe, who thinks that everything’s going back to the basics and to the all-natural–starting with these futuristic T-shirts. Or should I say tops? From the looks of things, it probably isn’t very fair or sensible to call her design a ‘T-shirt.’

It follows the trend of fashion getting more complicated and uncomfortable to wear. Have you seen those sky-high heelless shoes that some ‘fashionable’ women are wearing nowadays? They can call it whatever they like, but I call it a broken ankle just waiting to happen. Pauline’s design is called the Prototype Triangle Numéro 1, which is crafted out of laser-cut wooden triangles all linked together with wire.

Hit the break for more images of Pauline’s futuristic designs.

Future T-Shirts

Future T-Shirts

VIA [ Bit Rebels ]

  • Johannes

    Disgusting anorexic model!

  • ☽☢☾

    Reminds me of the clothing seen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution…

  • JD Wheeler

    Kind of a rude comment. If that’s all you have to contribute how about considering not contributing at all.

  • Jon Smith

    The first thing that really caught my attention in these photos was her waist, that has to be photoshopped…