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Giant Tripod Takes Your Photography To New Heights

Giant Tripod Takes Your Photography To New Heights

There may be times when you start feeling that the perfect shot has to be taken from 11 feet in the air, but there is no tree for you to climb, no railing to hang from or innocent bystander to stand atop. All the way back at a concert, for example. So… what’s there to do? If you’re toting the Tree-pod pictured above, there may yet be hope for you. Collapsing into a fairly portable 90 cm (36inches) and weighing in at 13kg (28lbs), the towering tripod almost touches 11ft when extended. And yeah, it’s kind of hard to control and setup your camera when it’s up there and you’re down there, so the Tree-pod can be transformed into a ladder to make climbing easy.

It’s aimed at professionals, and with a $6,000 price tag, there may be few other people in a position to justify its purchase. The thrifty shopper may like to think of it as a fancy tripod AND an expensive ladder in one.

Availability isn’t known.

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