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The WeeRoll Is A Transforming 7 Toys In 1

The WeeRoll Is A Transforming 7 Toys In 1

Having a kid is likely the most important decision you’ll ever take. The things that change in your life are so numerous, we can’t even begin to talk about them here. That’s a big reason I’m never getting one. Or at least… not for a while. But for those who’ve either recently taken the plunge or are about to, you might want to look into the WeeRoll. “[It] is a modern, re-configurable, customizable, natural, active toy platform designed to grow with your child as they develop.” Made from renewable birch laminate, BPA free thermoplastic rubber treads, Water based finishes and ultra-low formaldehyde adhesives, the WeeRoll starts out as a walker/stroller for your baby and eventually develops into a wheelbarrow or train. In between those two forms you can make a riding toy, a rocking horse, and a “shopping” cart, all simply by re-organising the different parts into alternate configurations, with minimal effort and with the use of no tools. It looks like it’s pretty solid and should last the little tyke quite a few years, and even be handed down to the next kin without too much trouble.

Currently on pre-order on Kickstarter, the WeeRoll starts out at $84 and starts shipping in November, hopefully in time for the Holidays.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures and a couple videos that should make a better case for why this product is pretty cool.

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