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Therapik Device Takes The Sting Out Of Bug Bites

Therapik Device Takes The Sting Out Of Bug Bites

Even though summer is drawing to an end, there are parts of the world where that doesn’t matter and the bugs bite, and bite like they just don’t care. And while there’s a bunch of lotions and creams you can rub on the stinging bites, we think it’s better to use a device that has actual FDA approval. The Therapik pictured above features a heating tip that dissolves the bug venom through the use of, well, heat. It seems venom is thermolabile, which means that within a certain temperature range, it simply melts away. Apply the Therapik to your bite for 30 seconds to a minute (it gets pretty hard to hold it in place any longer) and if it didn’t work at first, apply again until it does. Gizmodo tried it, and loved it. It gets rid of the itch as well as some of the swelling.

It’s $13 and the website looks like one of those scam websites, but we’re told this actually works.

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