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The Oatmeal Partners With J&D’s And Creates Sriracha Popcorn

The Oatmeal Partners With J&D’s And Creates Sriracha Popcorn

Are you seriously addicted to the Rooster sauce? You’re not alone. Our favourite webcomic TheOatmeal, shares your passion, and feels Sriracha is “a delicious blessing flavoured with the incandescent glow of a thousand dying suns.” You’re a poet, The Oatmeal. And we also love J&D’s, who believe everything should taste like bacon. So you can imagine how excited we were when we found out about Sriracha popcorn, the result of an alliance between the two.

It’s a Thai-inspired kick-in-the-face with red chilies, garlic, sugar and a hint of vinegar. Just like the Rooster Sauce that inspired it, we think you’ll find yourself getting as addicted to it as we are.

Unfortunately, we’re not the first ones to hear of this wonder-product, and it’s now currently backordered 5-7 business days. At $6 a bag, it’s super cheap and in our opinion, definitely worth the little wait.

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One response to “The Oatmeal Partners With J&D’s And Creates Sriracha Popcorn”

  1. Robert Huey says:

    $5.50 shipping for a $5.95 bag of (albeit delicious sounding) snacks.
    I tend to eschew products where the shipping is greater than 92.3% of the cost of the product.