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Canned Air is the Best Souvenir that Money Can Buy

Canned Air is the Best Souvenir that Money Can Buy

Canned Air

The best souvenirs you can get while you’re on vacation are the ones that remind you of the places you visited and of the sights that you’ve seen. It’s the sights, the sounds, and the smells that you came across while you were there.

When you emerge from the plane, the first thing that hits you isn’t the view or the food or the tourist attractions–it’s the air. We all know that you can’t really take it with you, since you just inhale it and then exhale it and all. But Prague artist Kirill Rudenko has found a way to capture the essence of some of the world’s greatest cities by canning their air. Of course, it’s more in the packaging rather than the actual contents of the can, but each of these little treasures can give you an instant reminder of all the fantastic sites you visited while you were there.

Check out what each of these cans contain, along with links to where you can get them after the jump!

For example, a can of New York City air (as unappealing as it sounds) contains 20% Empire State Building, 10% Grand Central Terminal, 10% Chrysler Building, 20% Statue of Liberty, 10% Little Italy, Chinatown, 10% Brooklyn Bridge, 10% Times Square, and 10% Central Park.

Paris Air

Hopeless romantics can opt for a can of Paris air, containing 20% The Louvre, 20% Notre Dame, 25% Eiffel Tower, 15% Musée d’Orsay, 10% Champs-Elysées, and 10% Sacre Coeur. Canned air from Prague, Berlin, Singapore, and Riga are also available.

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