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Now You Can Charge 16 iPads at Once with the InSync Transport Case

Now You Can Charge 16 iPads at Once with the InSync Transport Case

InSync Transport Case

Why anyone would need a gadget that can charge and carry 16 (yes, that’s right, sixteen) iPads is beyond me. But hey, it probably still has its own place and target market in a world where some people would pay a thousand dollars to chew on a popsicle with gold flakes in it.

In all seriousness, the InSync Transport Case was probably designed and meant for use by sports team managers or executives who might need to handle or carry around over a dozen iPads at a time. Measuring 26 x 20 x 15-inches, the case is a bit on the heavy side, weighing in at 39 pounds. It’s pretty tough too, since it’s made to withstand heavy impact and the harsh elements of the outside. (But then again, why would billionaires be trekking out in the great outdoors with 16 iPads in tow?!)

The InSync Case features neatly-lined slots on the inside where you’re supposed to slide the iPads in. Aside from having enough space for all the tablets, there’s also one slot reserved for a 13-inch MacBook. Aside from being the perfect, bulk iPad carrying case, it also charges the tablets while they’re plugged in. It can even sync via USB while it’s on the move, as well as sync to iCloud via a wireless connection.

Parasync, the company behind InSync, hasn’t listed a price for the case yet, although you can expect it to have a price tag that only its targeted users can afford.

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    I think this is a great invention!

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  • chilepepper

    Convention/Tradeshow vendors who use iPads as POS and credit card processors. Though 16 still seems high. Several of the booths at GenCon Indy this past weekend had multiple iPads.

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