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STACT Modular Wine Rack Looks Pretty On Your Wall

STACT Modular Wine Rack Looks Pretty On Your Wall

It’s nice to have the kind of income that would allow you to have a collection of wine bottles, rather than the occasional twist-top purchased from the gas station on the way home. But storing those bottles then puts you up against the “problem” of how to store them. There’s the wine cellar for the real ballers. And then there’s an array of wine racks. STACT is one of the nicest we’ve seen in a long time. It’s a system of modular panels with a grid of carefully machined aircraft-grade aluminum extrusions that let you nestle bottles in horizontally. Each panel fits 9 bottles by itself, but by placing another panel beside the first you can fit 21 bottles, the space between the two panels thus becoming usable. The real beauty of it comes from the fact that the back panels are offered in several kinds of finishes, from Walnut and White Oak wood to Piano Black and White. Simply purchase as many panels as you need and arrange them into a tasteful canvas on your wall, fitting bottles in as needed to create a unique and functional design.

Of course, nice things aren’t cheap. One panel is $95, and three is $250. They’re on pre-order on Kickstarter, but the campaign is fully funded and should deliver by November.

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