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PLY90 Brackets: For The “That’s About Right” Carpenter

PLY90 Brackets: For The “That’s About Right” Carpenter

Making your own furniture can be considered an art, we suppose. Heck, we sometimes wonder how good Jesus was… But that’s a question for another day. The point is, making tables and chairs and things is fairly hard, yo. You have to measure right, angle cuts precisely, and do a number of fairly complex things so that your final product doesn’t crumble into a big pile of plywood on first use. Or… you can use the PLY90 bracket. It’s a 90-degree-angle piece of metal that attaches to plywood of varying sizes and angles the pieces perpendicular to each other. This way you can just cut your boards with more relaxed tolerances, and assemble all manner of furniture with ease. Chairs, desks, shelves, benches… all of it becomes a matter of cutting some board, and connecting the pieces with the PLY90. Tightening of this connector is done through a central lug nut, using a simple 3/16 Allen key; the PLY90 does’t even require drilling.

We like it a lot! It’s a smart, elegant way to make your own things, and the final product has an industrial chic that we really dig. It’s not super cheap though: 4 connectors are $45, 8 for $80, 16 for $139, and 50 for $375. It’s a pre-order on Kickstarter, with shipping in November if fully funded.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures of things you can make with it, and links.

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