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Lapka, For The Hippiest Of Hippies

Lapka, For The Hippiest Of Hippies

We’re all for being eco-conscious. But when you get so far out that you feel the need to carry around dedicated sensors to sniff out potential enemies to your granola lifestyle, we worry a little. The Lapka is an admittedly beautiful set of such sensors, whose purpose is to tell you in great beauty and elegance the following: the amount of Nitrites in your food and water (to sense their non-organic provenance), the amount of EMF radiation in your immediate surrounding (so you may find a spot with less “electromagnetic pollution”), a temperature and humidity sensor (to inform you whether you’re currently sitting in an optimal personal climate), and the amount of radioactivity in your surroundings (ok, we’re cool with this). They call it a Personal Environment Monitor. The various sensors will communicate with an equally beautiful application on your iPhone and keep you informed of just how outraged you should currently be at the insalubrity and innapropriateness of whatever place you happen to find yourself in. Unless of course you’ve moved to the country, far from everything, including electricity. At which point… why even have a phone, really?

We’re not sure on price, but it should be available later this year.

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