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Up Mouse Wants You to Click Up Instead of Click Down

Up Mouse Wants You to Click Up Instead of Click Down


Relatively simple or easy tasks usually take longer to do on a laptop without a mouse. I’m not a huge fan of touchpads, although I do find them useful on the occasion that I forget to bring my USB mouse with me. And when you’ve got a desktop with a busted mouse? Just forget about it.

Unfortunately, what seems like a godsend invention can also be your wrist’s downfall. Because clicking involves pushing your finger down on the clicker again and again and again, the muscles in your forearm and wrist will eventually rebel and a nerve might get stuck somewhere in between. Thus will begin your battle against carpal tunnel syndrome.

The solution? The Up Mouse. Instead of clicking down, this mouse will have you clicking up. This way, you’ll be using a whole different set of muscles that don’t go through the carpal tunnel at all. It might feel weird at first and will definitely take some time to get used to, but your wrist will thank you for it.

Check out a video of the Up Mouse prototype and a link on how you can get it after the jump.

The Up Mouse is currently up for funding on IndieGoGo, where a minimum pledge of $120 will get you your very own Up Mouse.

(via Dvice)


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