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This Sofa Comes With A Cat Habitrail

This Sofa Comes With A Cat Habitrail

This looks like a fantastic idea until you realize just how much it isn’t. It’s a sofa with an integrated set of tubes that form a Habitrail-like tunnel for your kitty to explore. It seems pretty clever, right? But then you think about it some more and realize a few things. First off, if your lovely pet has a vomiting accident while in there, what are you supposed to do? It doesn’t look like you can take any of it apart for cleaning. Also, if you own a cat, you’ll know that they have a tendency to ignore the fancy houses/beds/cots/anything expensive that you can buy them, and instead comfortably settle on a piece of IKEA cardboard you forgot to throw. So what’s going to happen with that couch? And then there’s that opening on the back, just behind where your neck/back of head would be, perfect for your kitty to come up from behind and bite on your ear in the middle of a movie. Perfect!

It’s made by designer Seungji Mun and doesn’t look like it’s for sale or even being commercially produced. We say: good. Keep your cat budget for food and water; pretty much the only things they’ll acknowledge.

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