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Here’s That Motorized LEGO Wheelchair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Here’s That Motorized LEGO Wheelchair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

There’s a good number of things you can make with LEGOs. That’s why they’re so much fun! We’ve come across everything from MC Escher/Star Wars hybrids to a ridiculously detailed Porsche 911. But we’re pretty sure this motorized wheelchair is a first. It carries a person weighing up to 90kg (198lbs) around at blistering speeds of next to nothing, doing 0 to next-to-nothing in forever flat. It sounds like we don’t like it, but we do. It’s just kind of slow. But who really cares? It was made with 7 LEGO Mindstorm NXT’s, 14 LEGO Mindstorm motors, 6 LEGO Mindstorm touch sensors, 12 Rotocaster Muti-directional wheels and “a whole lot of LEGO Tecnic” by one Simon “Burf” Burfield. And while the chair is plenty cool as it is, Simon is working on replacing the current joystick controller with a wireless Bluetooth/Android control.

Hit the jump for a video of the chair in action and links.

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  • Peter Barker

    Yes it is slow, but I am guessing that the guy who developed this monster recognises this and is already finding working on a way around this.