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Monthly Archives: July 2012

3D Printing Gone Askew: Man Prints Assault Rifle At Home

Being able to print objects at home is all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or prints a fully functional assault rifle. That’s just what gun enthusiast “HaveBlue” did, using a Stratasys device (though which model printer exactly isn’t specified). Now to be fair, he didn’t print the entire rifle. First he made a .22 caliber pistol and successfully managed to shoot over 200 rounds with that. He then tried to turn it into a rifle by connecting the receiver to a .223 upper receiver but “had feed and extraction issues.” This is not much consolation however since the receiver is really what counts a the “gun” and the rifle’s failure might have been due to a faulty .223 upper receiver than to a defect with his printed part.

Now we’re not familiar with gun laws, so we’re wondering just how legal this is. Can you print your own guns at home? Or is there no legislation to address this since, well, no one figured it could be done?

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Sushi Bazooka Shows You How Perfect Sushi Roll

Sushi Bazooka

Despite its name, the Sushi Bazooka isn’t something that’s meant to be used during food fights. No, it’s actually a pretty nifty tool that you can use to make the perfect sushi. And if you still want to chuck it across the room when you’re done stuffing your preferred ingredients into it, then that’s up to you.

Seeing as sushi originated from Japan, it only makes sense that the Sushi Bazooka was thought up by the Japanese, too. If you’ve ever tried rolling up your own sushi, then you’ll know that there’s a technique involved so you can put it together just right. But fret not, because the Bazooka is here to the rescue. It’s actually like a giant-sized frosting pump, where you’re supposed to put in your favorite fillings on the inside and rice on the outside chamber. When you’re ready, just push the entire thing onto a sheet of seaweed and roll to enjoy the perfect sushi.

The Sushi Bazooka is available from Strapya World for 2,000 yen (~$25).

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Pumped for the Olympics? So is This Big Red Bus That Does Push-ups!

Double Decker Push Up Bus

The 2012 London Olympics kicks off today, and excitement for the games has already reached a fever pitch. People are painting their faces with their country’s flags, themed apparel are flying off the shelves, and banners rooting for their teams are hanging off people’s cars. Heck, even bright-red double deckers are getting in on the action.

See that particular bus in the image? It even grew huge robotic arms, just so it could do push-ups with resounding grunts and groans like the athletes you’ll see once the games begin. (Kidding aside, Czech artist David Cerny actually attached those electrical arms on the bus.)

Dubbed as the London Booster, this bad baby will be displayed outside the Czech Olympic headquarters in London to inspire the Czech athletes to bring home the gold. Go team!

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The VitalGrill Is A Green, Turbocharged, Portable BBQ

When you start a fire, it’s well known that fanning or blowing on the flame will make it stronger. It’s the principle behind turbos as well: more oxygen means a stronger, hotter fire. The VitalGrill uses this to its advantage to reach an output of 20,000 BTU without gas or accelerants of any sort. It’s a portable stove and BBQ with an integrated battery-powered fan. It accepts any dry biological material at hand as a source of fuel: pieces of wood, paper, cardboard, twigs, straw, natural fibers, charcoal and combustible waste. Put them in the stove, and start up the fan and in three minutes it will reach its maximum temperature. The flame is too hot? Just dial down the fan.

The BBQ is easily portable, weighing in at 8 lbs and measuring 13 inches across. It’s too small for your Sunday tailgate parties, but will do nicely for one of those camping expeditions where you’ll be catching some fish or whatever and feel like cooking it on the spot. The stove sells separately (if you want to put pots on it, fox example) for $80, and the BBQ with stove are $150.

Hit the jump for links and a video of the VitalGrill in action.

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Man Makes Fascinating Machines Inside Wine Glasses

For no other reason than the fact that it’s awesome, a Polish man by the name of Szymon Klimek hand-makes some wonderfully intricate machines… inside wine glasses. It’s a little like those boats that people build right inside bottles, except Klimek’s machines are fully functional. Well, functional in the sense that they move, but they don’t actually do anything useful. The above is his latest, called Sponge.

Made from 0.1 millimeter sheets of brass and bronze, Klimek’s miniature machines dance effortlessly in wine-glass enclosures that measure little more than 4 inches across. Klimek’s latest creation, Sponge, is a steam engine-like machine named for the latticework of tiny, interconnected brass pieces that expands and contracts as the engine runs. Sitting in a wine glass about a foot tall, a small silicon solar cell powers a concealed electric motor, which drives the 3-inch flywheel. He doesn’t work to a specific scale, but customizes his designs for each glass: the opening of Sponge’s wine glass and the diameter of its flywheel differed by less than a millimetre

He started this hobby back in 2004 and since 2008 has created 9 “active devices”, which you can find on his website. Links to that plus a cool video of the Sponge in action after the break.

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These Aliens Chopsticks are Out of this World!

Aliens Chopsticks

I have little doubt that Facehugger from Aliens is one of the scariest, creepiest extraterrestrials that we humans have ever come across. Throw in Big Chap and Chestburster and you’ve got yourself a totally rocking and terrifying alien party. A lot of people I know were sick to their stomachs after watching scenes from the Alien trilogy that featured these three characters.

But if you happen to be a fan and don’t mind seeing these creatures day in and day out, then you’ll find these Aliens Chopsticks grotesquely fitting to use during your every meal. Grab onto a pair of these Facehuggers and never let go (just as they would do to your face, if they ever got near it.) If you’re brave enough, then go for the Chestbursters instead, though I doubt you’ll be able to keep your food down if you’ve already seen what they can do in Alien.

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RewardTag Helps Retrieve Your Lost Gadgets With The Promise Of A Reward

Losing stuff sucks, especially when it’s a high priced gadget. Granted there will be times when the loss is really a theft, but whether the object’s disappearance is accidental or not, the RewardTag just might help tilt the scales your way and ensure you get it back. It’s a simple sticker that you place on whatever object you want to protect. When it’s in someone else’s hands, they’ll have the option to visit a website, enter the unique identifier code and see what reward is offered for the device’s safe return. It’s up to you to set how much you want to offer and depending on that, you may just convince someone to put the item in the mail and send it your way. You can also enter a personal message, pleading your case. Sure, this may not convince a thief who stands to make a good chunk of change by just selling it on the black market and who can’t be sure he’ll get paid if he in fact sends it in. But for a good soul that finds a legitimately lost item, a $50 or whatever might just encourage them to make the trek to the post office.

RewardTag is currently in the funding phase at IndieGogo and… has a long way to go. But at $5 a tag or 3 for $10 it’s not that expensive to get in on the action.

[ Project Page ]

Welcome To The New OhGizmo!

If you’re reading this it’s because we’ve finally launched our new design. We’re really excited about it: OhGizmo! has looked the same since October 2007, so we were due for a change. We hope you like it too because really, what we think of it doesn’t matter. At this point we’re really hoping for your input, and your debugging abilities and anything you can throw our way.

We don’t have the kind of budget that would have allowed us to do a fancy redesign, with all the bells and whistles other sites have these days. Then again, sometimes bells and whistles ends up being overkill, so maybe this is good. We just wanted a cleaner, fresher look with less clutter, less ads and a more easily navigable site. And with an emphasis on images. Also, we have almost 13,000 articles in our database and while some items look old and outdated today, others stand the test of time and are worth reading about a second time. Or even a first time for a majority of you who are unlikely to have ever seen them. There’s gold in there and we’re trying to help you guys find it.

So anyway, listed after the jump are all the changes and some of the reasoning behind them.

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Twister Tube Is A Modern Lava Lamp… Without The Lava

There’s a bunch of things you could get to decorate your desk, at least in terms of lighting. The Lava Lamp was a staple of many a dorm room, throughout the 60’s and even the 90’s when it made a little comeback. But we’re pretty sure that fad is dead. And while we’re not certain the Twister Tube will ever take its place, it’s doing a mighty good effort of it.

The Twister Tube stands 15″ tall with a polished glass tube, sleek black base, and water resistant lid. When filled with distilled water and our special Twister Solution™, and powered on, a motor silently springs to life and begins turning the water. In seconds, a miniature tornado forms, drops down, and finally hovers just above the custom Twister Bar™. Although this is more commonly referred to as a water vortex, it looks and acts eerily like a real tornado including the “cloud deck”.

It’s $60 and comes in a variety of colours.

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