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Deal Of The Day: $800 Off On Lenovo IdeaPad Y480

By David Ponce

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y480 is not anorexic; it carries its 5.1 lbs of heft with pride. As well it should, as it won PCMag’s Editor’s Choice award a couple of month ago for its “fast performance, exemplary screen and keyboard.” High praise for a laptop that can normally cost $1,600. But with today’s rebate, you’re looking at $800 instead. For that amount of cash you get a 14 inch machine with a Core i7 quad-core processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB 5400rpm HDD, and 2GB NVIDIA GT640M graphics card.

[ $800 Off On Lenovo IdeaPad Y480 ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]