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Please Forgive The Uneven Coverage: A New Design Is Coming

Please Forgive The Uneven Coverage: A New Design Is Coming

By David Ponce

Hey guys, we’re quite aware that coverage has been kind of spotty lately. This is due to a bunch of reasons, the main one of which is that we’ve been working hard on a new design. Above is a screenshot. It should go live this week, and we hope you like it. And no, despite the look of the image, it’s not all black. Matter of fact, the main text column is white, and the text will still be black. But we don’t want to show too much just yet.

Below is a quick bullet point of what changes we’re bringing, but once it’s launched we’re going to go over things in detail.

    Much wider main text column and images
    Less ads
    Improved navigation
    Faster loading and smaller footprint

It should be live later today (Monday) if all goes well. We’re going to need your help with bugs, missing pieces, etc. And feedback. We always want to hear from you guys, good or bad.

Once that’s done, I’m bringing another person on board to help with editorial and I’ll do my best to dust off OhGizmo and make it look as shiny as it was… almost 8 years ago.