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Roller Rock Glass Is The Boss Way Of Drinking Whisky

Roller Rock Glass Is The Boss Way Of Drinking Whisky

By David Ponce

There’s a right and a wrong way to drink certain drinks, like fine scotch or whisky. At the very least that’s what you’ll hear in some circles. You shouldn’t mix them with Coke, for one; if you’re paying top dollar for this stuff you want to taste the liquor. And you shouldn’t cool them down with tiny ice cubes, because these melt very quickly and they dilute your expensive distillate. The best shape for an ice cube is a perfect sphere, because it exposes the least amount of surface to the liquid. That’s why we think the above Roller Rock Glass makes drinking right much easier. It comes with a mold to make the ball-shaped ice in the first place, but most importantly features a conical protrusion at the bottom so that you may swirl your ice around, cooling and aerating your drink at the same time. Take these out along with the good bottle of Glenfidditch when your boss is visiting, and you’ll be on your way to that promotion in no time. It’s $20.

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  • Anonymous

    That is so full of neat that I might have to start drinking scotch!

  • Michael

    There are several errors in your article.  First, “…scotch or whiskey?”  Scotch is whiskey.  Second, since you reference “Glefidditch”, which is spelled Glenfiddich, by-the-way, single malts, or any good whiskey should never have ice of any kind added as it deadens both the nose and the taste.  Lastly, your comment about not diluting the whiskey is another piece of nonsense: putting a splash of water into good whiskey blooms both the nose and the taste, and is recommended by every distillery in Scotland.

  • dponce80

    I… have just been schooled.  So, I’d really like to know, which liquor is good to drink with the glass above?  Cognac?