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Hey, Lets Put A Touchscreen On Our Locks, Because Touchscreen

Hey, Lets Put A Touchscreen On Our Locks, Because Touchscreen

By David Ponce

Master Lock’s dialSpeed electronic combination padlock looks pretty darn futuristic. It’s got a touch sensitive screen, few cryin’ out loud! Is there something wrong with current combination padlocks? No of course not, but hey, we’re living in 2012 and flying cars are on the way. The way you unlock the dialSpeed is by entering a series of center-up/down, center-left/right swipes. But it’s pretty hard to remember something like “up, up, down, up, left, right, up” so each arrow is matched with a set of letters. You’re then free to create your own mnemonic acronym. Other features include the ability to set up to 3 guest combinations, and to retrieve your lost key from some website. It runs off a CR 2032 battery which should keep it ticking for about 5 years. When it runs low, an indicator tells you its time to change it, though the presence of electronics does mean the dialSpeed is an indoors-only device. Rounding out the specs is a boron-carbide shackle, which we’re told is pretty tough to cut.

It’s $25. Not bad for a padlock from the future.

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