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You’ve Never Seen Camera Tracking Like This

You’ve Never Seen Camera Tracking Like This

By David Ponce

Some researchers at the University Of Japan have developed a camera that’s able to lock on to fast-moving objects and track them in real time. It films in HD, at 500fps and is able to pan and tilt 60 degrees on each axis in… get this, 3.5 milliseconds. It does this by moving two specially positioned mirrors, not by moving the camera itself. The really interesting part is that this is full 1080p quality recording, which would be broadcast quality. The people involved are actually trying to get sports broadcasters in this technology. Imagine being able to follow a pitcher’s ball all the way from his hand to the bat, in gorgeous slow motion. If you want a good idea of what this might look like, check out the video below. It’s two people playing ping pong, and at about the halfway mark the footage is slowed down. You can clearly see the spin on the ball and you’re given a point of view of the game that’s never been seen before. And although sports is being discussed, really the possibilities are endless. Cars, insects, explosions… really any fast moving event can now be captured in a wholly different manner.

Well worth the watch.

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