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Bum Bag Coozies, For That Classy Look

Bum Bag Coozies, For That Classy Look

By David Ponce

Ain’t nottin’ better than some cold malt liquor on a hot summah day. But ya ain’t foolin’ no one tryin’ to class that stuff up, man. Ya gotta drink it from the can; it ain’t like dis some Dom Perignon, y’know? You gotta keep it cold tho, know what’m sayin’? So how bout some of them coozies, then? They be keeping your hoppy beverage all cool, but they can’t be looking outta place. Make’em these Bum Bag Drinks Coolers. They be made from some of that tear-proof, water resistant Tyvek stuff, even tho’ they be lookin’ all like a brown paper bag, y’know?

We don’t know when they be out in stores, yo, but they be £6. That’s like 10 of your ‘murican dollars.

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