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TokyoFlash Releases Kisai Online

TokyoFlash Releases Kisai Online

By David Ponce

TokyoFlash, our favourite geeky, obtuse-timetelling watchmakers, have released yet another watch. This one is called Kisai Online, and features an accelerometer which is used to reveal the time. When your arm is down or doing anything but pointing the watch towards you, the face of the watch looks like nothing but a bunch of squiggly lines. But when you want to know what time it is, just turn it towards your face and parts of those lines will fall away to reveal digits. They’re fairly easy to read, though they do require a little getting used to. Press a button and the date appears; press it again and the alarm time shows up.

The watch is available in two colours of band (black and silver) and three colours of LCD (blue, red or natural). It’s $149 for the next 37hours, after which it’ll go up to $169.

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