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MacBook Pro Security Case

MacBook Pro Security Case

By David Ponce

Almost as soon as the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display was announced, bank accounts everywhere were drained of upwards of $2,000. Matter of fact, this dreamy machine cost a small fortune with some configurations reaching close to $4k. And yet Apple didn’t see fit to include a cable lock port on the device. You can remedy this unfortunate situation with the above MacBook Pro Security case. The clear acrylic base attaches to the laptop and features a security lock. It also slightly elevates the MBP for added ventilation, though we suspect that this became a “feature” only after the fact. If you wish, you can add a top cover and completely envelop your portable, though at this point you’ll be adding 0.7lbs of weight to your setup, which may become a deal killer for some. Still, if protection is high on your mind, $70 will get you this product which includes the cable.

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