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ChildMinder Device Helps You Not Forget Your Kid In The Car

ChildMinder Device Helps You Not Forget Your Kid In The Car

By David Ponce

This happens? Yeah, we imagine it does. Your head is elsewhere, thinking of unicorns, you get to your destination and next thing you know you’re walking out of the car and leaving baby behind. Turns out this is not only illegal, it’s not so good for the kid. Who knew? But if you’ve got the ChildMinder device installed, you might get an audible reminder before it’s too late. It features either a weight sensing pad or a special clip with which you fasten baby, and a keyring alarm unit. If you walk further than 15 feet away from either, and the clip is still fastened or the pad senses weight, the keyring starts to scream. That’s your cue to go back and retrieve your bundle of joy.

It’s smart and simple and could avoid you jail time and dead babies, neither of which are very appealing. The system starts at $70.

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  • Richard Sebastian

    Who the F is STUPID enough to forgot there own kid? And If they did forget them they don’t deserve to have them. 

  • RH

     Well, let’s see….in the last 6-9 months, I’ve seen TWO, both were “women” who left their children in the car.  One was in front of a bar, the other in front of a casino.  Yep, I agree…take the kids away permanently, but, considering the types that do that, they will just pop out another in 9 months.  They breed like rabbits 😉

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