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Monthly Archives: July 2012

RPG7 PET Bottle Launcher Looks Awesome

We’re sorely lacking in details on this product because the website is Japanese and all the text is in an image, making it almost impossible to use Google Translate. We do think we know this much: it’s a toy designed to launch water bottles as if they were rocket propelled grenades. They are… water propelled bottles? With a 35º angle, you can launch a 600cc bottle up to 35meters away. That’s… not very far! But it’s still cool because it looks like an RPG launcher and if you were to use it in Pakistan to play a prank on the locals, you’d be guaranteed a swift bombing by a drone. Or you can just, you know, play with this safely in your backyard like a normal person.

Well… a normal person with lots of disposable income because the RPG7 is going for ¥28,350 (~$361 USD). That’s one expensive toy.

Incidentally if any of our Japanese speaking readers wants to help us out and dig some details from the links below, that’d be pretty cool.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

Who Wants To Pay For Bottled Fizzy Water When You Can Pay To Make Your Own At Home?

Perrier, San Pellegrino, Voss… they’re all fine sparkling waters. And they’re all expensive. And think about it, you’re paying for H2O and CO2 mixed together, then bottled in some glass. It’s ridiculous, and yet we’re happy to pay. We say that might change if you get a chance to make your own at home. The Sodastream Revolution lets you do just that. Take your flat water, stick it under the nozzle and select any of four carbonation levels: low, medium, hight and “turbo”. We’re not sure what happens when you pick turbo, but it sounds exciting. An LED screen will keep you updated on the carbonation process and on how much CO2 is left in your tank, which unfortunately has to be bought from Sodastrea directly. Still, in the long run and especially if you’re a large volume drinker of sparkling water, you’ll end up saving money and be responsible for less waste.

It’s $200.

[ Product Page ]

Fairdale Dograck: Because Your Dog Could Be Lazier Than You

You could probably argue that if you’re out of the house and cycling, you’re technically not all that lazy. But it’s entirely possible your dog is, and that all that exercise you’ve been giving it has been seen as a chore by the little pooch. Unlikely because let’s face it, dogs are awesome, but it’s possible. So give them a little rest with the Dograck by Fairdale. They’ve modified their successful Skaterack and turned it into what you see above, a nice resting place for Rover which attaches to mounting points usually reserved for panniers. It’s also supposedly been designed to give maximum clearance so that you don’t end up kicking your pet in the snout.

We… suppose the canines they’ve tested this on are fairly well trained, because we’re pretty sure any dog that belongs to us would get off in a heartbeat. But you know what, this looks fake. Paws in spokes anyone? Also, not comfortable at all with no belly support. We don’t know how much it is, but if it’s similar in price to their Skaterack, you’re looking at about $40. However we have a feeling the product is just not going to be made. Heck, this could all just be some kind of joke. The article we’re linking to is from November 2011, and the item still doesn’t appear in their store. Fishy.

[ Fairldale Dograck ] VIA [Incredible Things ]

Kogao Pad Super Promises to Get Rid of Your Facial Bulges

Kogao Slim Face Pad Super

Some people have genetically thinner faces, while others are stuck with slightly chubbier ones. Obviously there’s a direct correlation between your weight and how much fat is actually on your face. So if you want to slim down your face, then you have to tone down your whole body as well. But if you’ve already cut down on the pounds and still feel like your face is fatter than you’d like it to be, then here’s one thing that you can try out (with unguaranteed results): the Kogao Slim Face Pad Super.

It’s one of those quirky contraptions from Japan that promises a whole wealth of benefits if you use them regularly. The Kogao Pad, in particular, swears it’ll keep your face “thin and cute” by “smoothing” out the way you look. How? By putting the foamy headpiece on your face for five minutes a day, every day, and hope that the polyurethane foam will somehow miraculously manage to rearrange your facial features.

Doesn’t sound like it’ll work, does it? You might be tempted to give the Kogao Pad Super a try anyway, but its $196 price tag might prevent you from actually taking the jump to do so.

VIA [ Product Page ]

Endlessly Reconfigurable Tetris Lamp Looks Awesome

The picture is pretty self-explanatory. But just in case, you’re looking at a lamp made up of Tetris blocks. You hook one of the blocks to an outlet and it lights up. You’re then free to stack the others as you please, and they’ll light up as soon as they touch the first one. You can place them in any order and orientation you want, and you can order as many blocks as you please, or at the very least, as you can safely stack. At least, that’s what we’re understanding here. And it appears that one block is £29 or roughly $45, so a really fancy configuration can get pretty expensive quickly.

[ PRoduct Page ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

Big Head Squirrel Feeder Makes The Fluffy Rats Look Silly

We don’t really like squirrels; shave their tails and they’re just rats. So we take great pleasure in the above feeder because it makes squirrels look stupid. Oh sure, squirrels can’t tell their dignity is being trampled, but you can laugh at their expense, and that’s all that matters. You could of course argue that if we really disliked squirrels we wouldn’t be feeding them in the first place. We don’t think of it that way. The squirrel food is the price we’d be ready to pay for the tiny bit lulz we can imagine ourselves having.

It’s $15.

[ Product Page ]

Stabil-i Case Is A Simple, Cheap, Pocket-Sized Steady-Cam Attachment For The iPhone

It was only two weeks ago that we were reporting on the Picosteady, a steadycam rig for the iPhone. It was lighter and cheaper than traditional steadying devices, although at $139 it now seems really expensive when compared to the $40 Stabil-i. This is a very compact video stabilization phone case; it’s both a protective case for the iPhone and a steadycam rig. Granted, it adds some bulk and weight: it increases the length of your phone by 5% (dock to power button), 15% in width, and will make up 55% in thickness (front face to back). It also represents a 35% increase in weight, mostly due to the counterweight’s presence. But the tradeoff is that you’ll be able to shoot smooth, fluid video pretty much anywhere you are, within seconds. The sample clips included in the demo video after the jump are very impressive, especially given the fact that this is a $40 device.

It currently only works with the iPhone, though other models will come later. It’s going through the funding phase on Kickstarter and for a little while longer, a $33 pledge will get you one. It’s $44 after these early bird models are sold out.

Hit the jump for that video and the links.

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A Typical Reaction To A Chris Nolan Movie

The Dark Knight Rises is out and while not breaking records, it’s been fairly well received by critics.

And the above comic pretty much nails down a typical reaction to a Chris Nolan movie. I’m just about ready to go watch it a second time, despite the bunch of holes I punched right through its logic within a couple hours of leaving the theatre.

VIA [ GeeksAre Sexy ]

Death Wish Coffee: Hands (And Lips) On

Many blogs have been reporting on the Death Wish coffee you see above. Its claim to fame? That it contains twice the amount of caffeine found in regular coffee. The company sent us a bag and we’ve been soaking up the caffeine like stressed out freshmen during finals week. What do we think?

Well, how you feel is a very subjective thing, one especially susceptible to suggestion. So the mere thought that we’re drinking coffee with extra caffeine might be leading us to feel as though there really is more in every cup. But… well, we do think we get an extra kick; it’s like a sugar rush alongside the smooth caffeine soar we typically get. However, it’s not anything that had us shaking, twitching, sweating, or thinking we’d have a heart attack. It just seems to have that extra jolt, one that’s very appreciated on a slow Monday for example.

As for taste, we’d describe it as nutty and robust but not overpowering or burnt. It was tasty and we’d be inclined to have more even if there was no power punch promise. At $20 a bag, it’s also reasonably priced.

Thumbs up.

[ Product Page ]