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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Did You Know They Made Backpack Vacuums?

By David Ponce

Yeah, we had no idea. Apparently these have been around forever, though mostly seen in industrial settings. Something about them being too heavy for home use. But the 7.5 lbs Backpack Vacuum pictured above seems light enough not to give even the most dainty user any hernias. It’s great for obvious reasons: it won’t keep bumping into furniture and tripping over its own wire. With soft padding for the back, and adjustable shoulder straps it might actually be comfortable to wear. The power button is located on the hose so you don’t have to keep reaching around all the time and the 800 watts of power should be enough to suck up most dust and debris while the HEPA filter takes care of allergens.

It’s $200 and ships on the 29th of June.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

This Meat Slicer Gets Equal Slices, Every Time, With Frikkin Lasers!

By David Ponce

Butchers are pretty masterful sometimes, but a human hand will never be as precise as a machine. And the above Natsune Libra 165C is one scary mother. It is able to make slices of meat that are of perfectly equal weight, every time, and it does so by using lasers. Yes, the lasers do the cutting. Big deal you say? Ok: it makes up to 100 slices a minute! First the uncut meat goes through their 3D laser scanner. Once the scanning is done, the machine gets to cutting; it ensures equal slices by varying the thickness of the slice, based on its initial scan and known densities of meat. While it could be used for several types of meat, it specializes in pork. Specifically (at least judging from the video) pork chops.

But the Natsune Libra 165C is clearly not the kind of machine you’ll have at home. Or even in a restaurant. It costs $160,000 for one. And it’s pretty darn big. We imagine that large scale meat processing centres would love them, and they’ll get their chance at ownership at the end of this month.

[ DigInfo ] VIA [ DVice ]

Power Up Mushroom Night Light

By David Ponce

Super Mario fans, check this out. It’s a night light that looks just like the mushroom power up. Press down on it to turn it on or off.

And that’s it, really. It looks cool and best of all, doesn’t break the bank: $20. We’d like them even more if they made the 1-up sound when activated, but hey, it’s $20.

They’re made to order, measure about 3.45″, and can take up to 3 days to make.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]

Grilling Vegetables Just Got A Bit Easier

By David Ponce

It’s very possible this has been around for ages. Likely even. But we’ve only just now stumbled on it and we like it. It’s BBQ season and there will always be some apostates who demand something more than meat. Like… vegetables. If you’ve ever tossed those on the grill, you know how much of a pain it can be to turn them. Why not just stack them together with these stainless steel clips, and turn them over all at once? Just make sure you don’t grab it with your bare fingers.

It’s $15 for a set of 4. That’s pretty cheap. Not a bad thing to have in your BBQ arsenal, though we suggest spending more time looking for grill buddies who aren’t vegetable-ingesting infidels.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gear Hungry ]

Knowing How Hard The Wind Is Blowing? There’s An App For That… Well, And A Piece Of Hardware Too

By David Ponce

There are situations where knowing just how fast that breeze is going can be important. We think. Like when you’re playing golf, or surfing, or… Well you get the idea. Instead of relying on a website which may give you a general idea of the wind speeds over a large area, the Shaka Wind Meter for the iPhone can let you know on the spot. It’s a little fan (some may call it an anemometer…) that plugs into your headphone jack and interacts with an application. You’ll get to know about wind speed and direction, as well as being able to post your results to Facebook (why would your friends care?) and overlaying the data on a map for… well, we’re not sure why this is cool. But we feel that the failure is on our part and not on Shaka; it’s entirely possible that there’s a wind-speed dependant world out there (Hey, sailing! What about sailing?) where this product would be right at home.

It’s tentatively $59 and iOS only at the moment, although other versions are in the works. And it’s not quite available yet: it’s “launching soon.”

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Haven’t You Always Wanted A $1,200 Throw Pillow Made From Old Shoes?

By David Ponce

We suppose that we could file the “The Little Shoes” throw pillow by one Baptiste Viry under Art. That might, perhaps, help justify its asking price of $1,200. It also helps that it’s a one-of-a-kind, so you would be the only person able to boast about having a $1,200 old shoe pillow by Baptiste Viry. Here’s their description of it:

Pillow in leather patchwork of used men’s shoes sewn by hand with suede backing, finished with a hot wax buff, removable feather interior, clean shoes with colorless polish.? This piece is unique and signed by the artist. Wrapped with a vintage silk scarf.

We suppose that one man’s questionable overpriced purchase can be another man’s invaluable one-upping piece of hipster kitsch, so we make no judgement.

P.S. We lied. We’re judging.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ IncredibleThings ]

The Deeper Sonar Ball Helps You Find All The Fish

By David Ponce

This ball has a sonar in it. Toss it in the water when you go fishing, and it’ll connect to your Android/iOS smartphone and tell you where all the fish are. It’s brilliant. It’s able to relay the data from up to 150 ft. away, and works with bodies of water ranging in depths from 0.5m to 40m. To save you the trouble of having to fiddle with on/off buttons, the Deeper starts working only when in contact with water. And aside from relaying the position of the fish, you can also get data on water depth and temperature, as well as post pictures of what you catch to Facebook without quitting the app.

Currently on Kickstarter alternative site Indiegogo, a pre-order will set you back $149.

[ Project Page ]

Ions Lights Are Smart Way To Poke Around A PC Chassis

By David Ponce

Holding a flashlight in your mouth while you tug on some dusty cables inside a 5 year old PC case is not… elegant. A better way would be to use the Ions: magnetically-attached, pivoting LED lights that you can simply stick on to part of the metal chassis. You turn them on by twisting a grip dial, and point them where you need them. They’d be made out of Aluminum and plastic and would measure 20mm (height) x 12mm (diameter).

We’re using the conditional tense now because we’re not certain these will ever see light of day (you couldn’t tell those were CG renders in the pictures?). They’re a project on Quirky, and have tentatively been priced at $6 for a 3-pack. But there’s no clear sign the company actually plans to make these, unlike some of their other projects. We think they’re great, so here’s hoping they get the green light.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ TheGreenHead ]

The Kick Is A Full-Spectrum Camera Light That You Control With Your iPhone

By David Ponce

Taking good pictures, moving or otherwise, involves more than having an eye for composition and timing. It helps to have good equipment, and high on the list is proper lighting. The Kick is a small, full-spectrum light that is made to work specifically with your iPhone. So while you might not have the lens, sensor, steady cam, jib or anything else that good photography often calls for, being able to control the light in the way that The Kick allows will go a long way to making those iPhone shots look great. The application lets you pick any color you want and The Kick will reproduce it. And what’s even more impressive is that it can also do animated light. You can pick from some presets like Lightning, Fire or Cannon shots, or (and this is really cool) open up a video, pick a sampling spot on that video and The Kick will reproduce the light from that part of the video.

Of course you’re not limited to using The Kick with the iPhone; you’re free to bring out the professional rig and simply use the iPhone as a remote control for the light. It’s fairly small, about the size of an iPhone and normal use will drain the batter in 4 to 5 hours. There are two versions up for pre-order on Kickstarter, The Kick Plus at $149, and The Kick Basic at $99. The cheaper version lacks WiFi connectivity, and thus iPhone control.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]