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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Tape With Rip Cord Makes Scissors Obsolete

By David Ponce

Packing stuff up with tape means that at some point that tape will have to be removed. Most of the time we take our keys out here in the office, and we try to cut through the bunched up tape with the equivalent of a blunt saw. Sometimes one of us will reach for the scissors, but that’s more effort than can usually be mustered. If only things had been packaged with the above Rip Cord, our life would be immeasurably improved. It’s Quirky’s take on the classic tape, featuring, well, a rip cord down the middle. Simply pull on that when you want to open your package and it splits in two, just like that.

There’s no word on when or even if it’s going to go into production, but Quirky projects that if it does, a roll would sell for $4.

[ Product Page ]

Licensed Portal 2 Turret Up For Purchase

By David Ponce

The above is a 16 inch tall replica of the turrets you find in the game Portal. It looks just like the one in the game and for good reason: it was made using the game’s 3D files for it. Turns out it’s a functional replica too, minus the laser: there’s a motion detector that makes the turret light up when you wave a hand in front of it. And there’s a slightly more expensive version with audio effects, which include “in-game turret activiation, search, auto search, disabled, and tipped over sounds as well as other voice samples.” Whether you get the $300 without sound or the $325 with sound version, they’re both cast in high quality poly-stone and hand-finished and hand-painted. The initial production run understandably sold out pretty quickly, but there’s a waiting list you can get on with a pre-order. No word on when the next batch will be made, though there are talks of the company making replicas of other characters in the game.

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Tetris Cushions Feature The Entire Family, Even Straight Line

By David Ponce

It’s nice to see them all hanging out, bunched together as if there’s supposed to be no family feud. You know which feud we mean; the one where Straight Line shows up at the party so darn late that by the time he makes an appearance you already hate him. Judging by the above picture, you’d think he’s just another piece but if you purchase this set of cushions, you’ll be free to make things right. You can even set Straight Line on fire for having made you sweat so many times when playing the game! Although we don’t suggest you do, because the entire set of rather large (up to 2 ft. across and 6 inches deep) cotton/polyester cushions costs a hard to swallow $280. That works out to roughly $40 a piece and we can think of a couple better uses of a pair of Jacksons than fiery revenge.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ DVice ]

CyberQ Wifi Device Brings BBQing Into The 21st Century

By David Ponce

We tried our hands at using a smoker here at OhGizmo HQ once. The meat that resulted was sooty, tough, acrid, bitter and just plain gross. That’s probably because we had no idea what we were doing and the smoker we were using was cheap. But even with a better quality smoker and half a clue as to what to do, it’s pretty hard to get it right. The CyberQ Wifi device wants to make it as simple as possible. Featuring one pit probe as well as three food probes, it keeps an eye on temperatures and relays this information to you via Wifi. You can be in your living room and monitor the cooking through a smartphone. And even if you’re not looking at your phone the entire time, alarms can be setup for when temps deviate too far up or down from a set goal.

But the CyberQ Wifi is more than just a remote thermometer. As we understand it, it’s able to actually control your pit, raising or lowering temperatures itself as needed. Seeing as we’re still BBQ noobs, we don’t really understand how it does this. But from the looks of it, the $295 it will cost you appear to be money well spent.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

FlyeBaby Hammock Finds A New Way To Fly With Baby

By David Ponce

As Andrew points out in his article, overhead compartments are not acceptable places in which to put a baby during flight. Nor is the cargo hold, surprisingly. Which means you’re left with the task of caring for this little human for what could be a long arduous flight. Any help is appreciated and the FlyeBaby Hammock is a start. Featuring a five-point harness system, it attached to the tray table in front of most airplane seats and to either side of you. You can then place baby right in front of you and interact with him during the cruise portion of the flight. This might help reduce the crying, which will make you a more popular parent. It follows FAA regulations and as long as it’s not used during taxiing, landing and takeoff, it shouldn’t be seen as a problem in any situation. There’s a line on the hammock that signifies the highest baby should be placed in case the person in front of you decides to recline; this will prevent baby’s head from being hit as this happens.

It’s $45 and available now. It’s actually been available for some time, but hey, first for us could mean first for some of you too!

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

The Volt Buckle Lets You Carry A Charger Around Your Pants

By David Ponce

It’s a fact of life that guys tend to leave the house with quite a bit less portable storage space than women. While the ladies have seemingly bottomless purses in which to stash what appears to be mostly useless things (how many lipsticks can you possibly need?), they at least have the space to bring a phone charger along if they want. And while we might not need four kinds of concealer, we do need to top up the battery on our phone from time to time. The Volt Buckle could be a practical solution for when you’re out in the wild and want to juice up your device: remove part of the buckle, attach the appropriate connector and let the charging begin. You’re still able to keep the belt on (and functional) while the buckle is being used and the shape of the device transforms it into a stand of sorts so that your phone is propped up in case the wall socket is elevated. You can order it with any type of connector you need, and the belt features a special compartment on the inside with which to carry it. It’s a smart and simple design and at $60 on pre-order on IndieGoGo won’t break the bank. Of course, the company has to reach its funding goals first, and as of this writing they haven’t even reached 5% of their $60k objective. There’s 49 days left though, so you never know.

[ Volt Buckle ] VIA [ TechCrunch Gadgets ]

This Shredder Eats Cars Like They’re Made Of Paper

By David Ponce

Above is a fascinating video of a gigantic shredder on tracks that eats cars as if they were little paper models. It’s made by German company Arjes and it kind of looks like their Raptor XXL DK model. If it is, it’s a 42-ton giant with a 710 hp motor that drives two opposing metal drums fitted with offset teeth that just eat through anything. But it might not be the Raptor XXL, since the website doesn’t list “cars” as one of the things it digests. So we’re not sure. All we know if it’s a really scary monster, even if the cars are already flattened and stripped of their engines. If anyone knows anything about it, let’s hear it in the comments.

VIA [ LiveLeak ]

Ghost Pepper Spicy Watermelon Candies Could Have Been Awesome

By David Ponce

These hard candies taste like watermelon mixed in with Bhut Jolokia pepper powder. That pepper is also known as the Ghost Pepper and was until recently considered the world’s spiciest. That combination alone sounded pretty enticing, although the inclusion of the Bhut jolokia was really the intriguing part. After all, it was only last February that we were reporting on Timmy’s Great Balls of Fire, candy also coated with the famous pepper. Today’s candy appeared to one-up Timmy’s balls with the inclusion of the sweet watermelon flavour that we hoped would provide a mildly mellow counterpoint to the hellish fire of the Ghost pepper. But reading the description is making us think that there’s barely any pepper there at all. Maybe just enough to be able to get away with saying it’s there; if three out of four staffers at the retailer that sells it were able to survive the experience, they’re clearly not getting a full ghost pepper production. Still, maybe as a tame introduction to the world of the super peppers, the Spicy Watermelon candies could be interesting. It’s $6 for a pack of 16-18, but they’re temporarily sold out.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

Jeans Solve First World Problem With See-Through Smartphone Pocket

By David Ponce

Ever wanted to see who’s calling but were too lazy to reach into your pocket? Yeah, life can be hard sometimes. So that’s why we’re 100% behind the DELTA415 Wearcom™ jeans. Instead of putting your hand all the way into your pocket, you can just unzip a flap of material and reveal a plastic screen through which you can see your phone. Yes, you can even use your device while it’s still in the pocket, and there’s a special hole through which you can thread your earphone or mic. No, it’s not limited to the iPhone; any 3″ X 5″ or less device will fit.

It’s $160 for the pair, although it appears to be limited to people of more moderate proportions as the largest waist size is 38.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Mashable ]