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This Is A Floating Mug

This Is A Floating Mug

By David Ponce

You could get a simple mug with your name on it. Or something tacky with a work logo on it. You can even get a bug shaped like a clown. Heck, there’s a whole world of possibilities out there and to be honest, we’ve seen most of them. What we haven’t come across yet is something like the above floating mug. There’s no magic obviously, just a clever design that uses the handle to join both the base and the rest of it. We like it. It’s currently on Kickstarter and a $40 pledge will get you yours.

Yes, $40 for a mug is ridiculous. But hey, when you want something…

[ Project Page ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

  • Anonymous

    That is very cool!! 

    However, NOT $40 cool.

  • Tigere Chiriga

    I know $40 is steep, however, kickstarter is a platform that mostly helps individuals and small businesses get off the ground. My mugs represent a price that will help me cover majority of my startup costs i.e getting master molds made, packaging samples etc. If the project is successful, then I’ll be up and running and will adjust my pricing.

  • Urmimala Rajkhowa

    I’m not sure what one will do with a “bug” shaped like a clown, but a clown-shaped mug might be a conversation starter (or ender…)