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Tape With Rip Cord Makes Scissors Obsolete

Tape With Rip Cord Makes Scissors Obsolete

By David Ponce

Packing stuff up with tape means that at some point that tape will have to be removed. Most of the time we take our keys out here in the office, and we try to cut through the bunched up tape with the equivalent of a blunt saw. Sometimes one of us will reach for the scissors, but that’s more effort than can usually be mustered. If only things had been packaged with the above Rip Cord, our life would be immeasurably improved. It’s Quirky’s take on the classic tape, featuring, well, a rip cord down the middle. Simply pull on that when you want to open your package and it splits in two, just like that.

There’s no word on when or even if it’s going to go into production, but Quirky projects that if it does, a roll would sell for $4.

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