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Jeans Solve First World Problem With See-Through Smartphone Pocket

By David Ponce

Ever wanted to see who’s calling but were too lazy to reach into your pocket? Yeah, life can be hard sometimes. So that’s why we’re 100% behind the DELTA415 Wearcom™ jeans. Instead of putting your hand all the way into your pocket, you can just unzip a flap of material and reveal a plastic screen through which you can see your phone. Yes, you can even use your device while it’s still in the pocket, and there’s a special hole through which you can thread your earphone or mic. No, it’s not limited to the iPhone; any 3″ X 5″ or less device will fit.

It’s $160 for the pair, although it appears to be limited to people of more moderate proportions as the largest waist size is 38.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Mashable ]

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    but the cover is useless

  • Anonymous

    But you’re not supposed to keep batteries so close to a heat source/you