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The Kick Is A Full-Spectrum Camera Light That You Control With Your iPhone

The Kick Is A Full-Spectrum Camera Light That You Control With Your iPhone

By David Ponce

Taking good pictures, moving or otherwise, involves more than having an eye for composition and timing. It helps to have good equipment, and high on the list is proper lighting. The Kick is a small, full-spectrum light that is made to work specifically with your iPhone. So while you might not have the lens, sensor, steady cam, jib or anything else that good photography often calls for, being able to control the light in the way that The Kick allows will go a long way to making those iPhone shots look great. The application lets you pick any color you want and The Kick will reproduce it. And what’s even more impressive is that it can also do animated light. You can pick from some presets like Lightning, Fire or Cannon shots, or (and this is really cool) open up a video, pick a sampling spot on that video and The Kick will reproduce the light from that part of the video.

Of course you’re not limited to using The Kick with the iPhone; you’re free to bring out the professional rig and simply use the iPhone as a remote control for the light. It’s fairly small, about the size of an iPhone and normal use will drain the batter in 4 to 5 hours. There are two versions up for pre-order on Kickstarter, The Kick Plus at $149, and The Kick Basic at $99. The cheaper version lacks WiFi connectivity, and thus iPhone control.

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