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Ions Lights Are Smart Way To Poke Around A PC Chassis

Ions Lights Are Smart Way To Poke Around A PC Chassis

By David Ponce

Holding a flashlight in your mouth while you tug on some dusty cables inside a 5 year old PC case is not… elegant. A better way would be to use the Ions: magnetically-attached, pivoting LED lights that you can simply stick on to part of the metal chassis. You turn them on by twisting a grip dial, and point them where you need them. They’d be made out of Aluminum and plastic and would measure 20mm (height) x 12mm (diameter).

We’re using the conditional tense now because we’re not certain these will ever see light of day (you couldn’t tell those were CG renders in the pictures?). They’re a project on Quirky, and have tentatively been priced at $6 for a 3-pack. But there’s no clear sign the company actually plans to make these, unlike some of their other projects. We think they’re great, so here’s hoping they get the green light.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s easier, cheaper & provides more light if you use an LED head lamp when cleaning/ upgrading your computer

  • Sam

    yeah what ocelotty1 said: headlamp is hands free, points where you
    look, and delivers more light than this little things that you’d
    constantly have to reapply with your hands (which are already busy) to re-apply. They might be useful for something but less than ideal for this proposed purpose.