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You Can Purchase A pH Controlling Fancy Faucet With A Touchscreen

You Can Purchase A pH Controlling Fancy Faucet With A Touchscreen

By David Ponce

We know some people who believe that altering water’s pH levels can provide them with all kinds of health benefits. We are not doctors so we can’t really weigh in, but we’re sceptical. But that doesn’t stop some companies from selling equipment that allows you to do just that, and the Tyent UCE-9000 Turbo Water Ionizer is one of these, although the water dispensed by this system is intended for cleaning and disinfecting, and not to be consumed. The faucet with the touchscreen is really only the visible part of this device, which is able to produce water with pH levels ranging from 2.0 (roughly like lemon juice) to 12.0 (roughly like soapy water) at the touch of a button. It can use up to 375W of power pumped through nine electrodes made of platinum and holed titanium to produce this water. Here are some features:

– Automatic water outflow
-Voice announcement
– Touch screen with color backlight
– Automatic cleaning function
– Electrolytic antibacterial system
– Adjustable pH levels

Yeah, you read that right, the system will speak to you as your water is being prepared and announce its readiness levels. But hey, a talking, pH altering faucet with a touchscreen can’t come cheap. And it doesn’t, at $2,795.

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