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Fancy Some Titanium Toothpicks?

Fancy Some Titanium Toothpicks?

By David Ponce

There might be those of you who’d be a little reluctant to pick at their teeth with a pointy piece of metal, but not us. We think the idea of oral hygiene by multicoloured anodized grade 5 titanium (Ti-6A1-4V) toothpicks is just dandy. “Titanium is light weight, very strong, won’t take a charge, is non-reactive to humans, won’t rust and isn’t ferrous” So that means the unlike their wooden or plastic counterparts, these picks are durable, reusable and plain awesome. They are made by one Jamie Piekkola and sold through his Facebook page. Each toothpick features a slightly rounded tip so as to not make a bloody mess of your mouth, and a set of grooved rings at the other end which can be left metallic or filled in with your choice of glow-in-the-dark epoxy or tritium paint. The epoxy version requires a charging in the light to glow for a little while, while the tritium version is, well, radioactive and will glow for years. It’s not any more dangerous than the tritium used in many watches just for this purpose.

As you can imagine, when it comes to price, you’re not going to pay the same as a set of wooden ones: it’s $35 (natural finish), $40 (multi-colored anodized), Glowrings ($5).

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