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Want Some Sensors?  Here’s A Truckload

Want Some Sensors? Here’s A Truckload

By David Ponce

Smartphones are great and stuff, but can they tell you how humid the air around you is? What about the air pressure? Or can they alert you to a possible carbon monoxide poisoning? Tell you if you’re legally drunk? No, they can’t, and that’s because they’re all missing the appropriate sensors. The Sensordrone aims to extend the capabilities of your smartphone by cramming a bunch of different ones into one small, keychain-sized device. Accessing any piece of data you’re after would then simply be a matter of running the appropriate application. Here’s a list of the sensors on board:

– Precision Electrochemical Gas Sensor – Calibrated for Carbon Monoxide (Also can be used for precision measurements of Alcohol, Hydrogen, and others)
– Gas Sensor for Oxidizing Gases – MOS type for Chlorine, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, etc.
– Gas Sensor for Reducing Gases – (MOS type for methane, Propane, alcohols, other hydrocarbons, etc.)
– Temperature – Simple resistance temperature sensor type
– Humidity
– Pressure – can be used for Barometer, Altimeter, Blood Pressure, etc.
– Non-Contact Thermometer – Infrared sensor for scanning object temperature
– Proximity Capacitance – fluid level, intrusion detection, stud finder & more applications
– Red Color Intensity
– Green Color Intensity
– Blue Color Intensity
– Illumination – combine RGB & illumination for color matching

Yeah, we’re getting into Star Trek Tricorder territory here, and we’re pretty excited to say that the Kickstarter project for the Sensordrone has reached its funding goal. Pretty quickly too. You can get yours at $175, which is $25 less than the expected retail price, with shipping in October of this year.

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