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Star Wars, MC Escher, LEGO… Did We Die And Is This Heaven?

By David Ponce

Pretty much on the brink of a nerdgasm here, we think the above creation from one Paul Vermeesch should seriously be in a museum. Or something. Mimicking M.C.Escher’s famous 1953 lithograph “Relativity“, Vermeesch carefully recreated scenes from the Star Wars trilogy in an intricate 1X1X1ft cube of LEGO. There’s a storm trooper pacing the desert in search of two droids. There’s Obi Wan Kenobi scuttling off down a walkway after disabling the tractor beam. There’s even the Endor scene, complete with foliage and Ewoks.

It’s pure genius. To encourage you to visit Paul’s MOC page, we won’t post much of his photographs here. But you should definitely give them a look.

[ M.C.Escher’s LEGO Star Wars ]

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