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German Slingshot Guy Creates Awesome Throwing Knife Crossbow Gun Thing

By David Ponce

Jöerg Sprave is a German dude with a very successful YouTube channel called The Slingshot Channel. He shows us how to make fluffy dolls… No, no, we’re kidding, he makes slingshots, obviously. And his newer creations always seem to one-up his older ones. One of his latest project is a crossbow-like contraption that’s specially made to shoot throwing knives at high speed with deadly accuracy. The knife’s flight is stable within 10 meters (33 ft.) or so, and will pierce a 1 inch wooden board without too much trouble. The trigger-actuated gun has a front-loading barrel that consists of a wood-flanked metal rail which cradles the knife for the length of the elastic’s unwinding, keeping it pointing forward and stabilizing it for the release.

It’s pretty awesome, and yes, you should watch the video for some slo-mo action.

VIA [ DVice ]