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Trygger iPhone Case Give You Elegant Polarizing Filter Add-On

Trygger iPhone Case Give You Elegant Polarizing Filter Add-On

By David Ponce

Yet one more entrant to the overcrowded iDevice accessory market, albeit one that stands out for ingenious and elegant design. It’s a case that helps you take pictures with your iPhone by providing you a polarizing filter. Seen below is what such a filter can do. The thing about them is they need to be rotated depending on the angle that the sun’s rays are hitting your subject, so the Trygger features a way to adjust the angle so that you get that shot just right. Also, you might not always want to use a filter since it does diminish the amount of light that goes through somewhat, so the filter only covers your camera when you slide the panel in which it’s embedded and cover the camera with it. And yes, that panel is felt lined so you don’t have to worry about scratches. The rest of the case is made from 1.8mm of high-strength polycarbonate so your phone should be safe. And like so many of the things we talk about these days, this too is on Kickstarter for $35 for a limited time. After the early-bird pre-orders are sold out, you’re looking at just $40.

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