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PlugBook Is An Extension Cord/Power Strip That Looks Like A Book

By David Ponce

Maybe you don’t suffer from this problem, but finding things can be quite the chore in the home of someone that keeps as many gadgets lying around as we do. Particularly hard to find is an extension cord or a power strip when you need one. The PlugBook could help in that department as it’s made to look like a book, so you’re supposed to keep it in your bookshelf. If you’re able to keep books in there, you darn well should be able to keep this there too. It features two USB ports as well as two sockets, plus a one-touch wind-up mechanism that will eat up the 10ft of cord so that the device looks the way it’s supposed to. (Hint: most books don’t have a 10 ft. cord dangling from them) It’s currently trying to get enough funding on Kickstarter, but at $25 a pop it’s reasonably priced enough that we think it should make it. Shipping would be set for October of this year, and there’s a US and a Euro version in the works.

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