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Trackball PC Game Controller Combines Best Of Both Worlds

Trackball PC Game Controller Combines Best Of Both Worlds

By David Ponce

The battle between PC and console gamers rages on with PC gamers claiming superior computing power as well as faster and more accurate controlling devices. Console gamers on the other hand… have nothing. Can you guess which side we’re on? All (bad) joking aside, there’s the ubiquity of console gaming to contend with as well as the potentially understandable ergonomic advantage to a console controller versus a keyboard + mouse combination, both of which could give the other side something to be smug about. The above Trackball PC Game Controller is a kind of hybrid of both worlds. On the one hand it’s shaped like a console controller (a PS2 in the case of the prototype), but features a trackball that sits right under the right thumb. This gives much more precision and speed to FPS games like MW3, while allowing your hands to grip things in a way that’s become familiar to millions of gamers worldwide. Should you get tired of waiting for the next generation consoles to hit the market and want to upgrade to better graphics right now, this controller could help you along. It’ll let you keep that console feeling while not letting yourself be completely outgunned by traditional keyboard + mouse specialists.

It’s on Kickstarter right now and needs $125,000 to take off. That’s a tall order, which is sitting at $6,800 right now. The early-bird models go for $55, but there’s few left. After that there’s a batch of 500 at $77, and everything else is $88.

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