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The Twig Is A Small iPhone Cable That Doubles As A Tripod

By David Ponce

Cables. We hate them. We believe everyone does. But they’re still a necessity and until that changes, we might as well try to make them as usual as possible. The Twig is a small replacement for your iPhone’s charging cable. It features a dock connector on one end, a USB on the other along with two bendable prongs. These prongs turn it into a tripod when it’s not charging, and its diminutive stature make it easy to carry around with you. It’s a smart design, and maybe just as important, it’s a decent $18 to own. Yet another Kickstarter project, the Twig is almost halfway to its $50,000 goal and should be fully funded with no problem. Delivery is sometime in September. Oh and hurry up because the $18 price is only for the next 200 or so orders; after that it’s $20.

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