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Japanese Man Makes Self-Stirring Pot That Uses No Mechanical Parts

By David Ponce

Making some recipes requires fairly frequent stirring. We don’t really know why, but then again we wouldn’t be able to cook ourselves out of a paper bag. We can see however how annoying it could be to have to stay in front of a pot of food, stirring continually. Maybe Hideki Watanabe felt the same way when he designed the above pot which creates a vortex in the liquid without using any mechanical parts. It’s called Kuru-Kuru Nabe (aka the ‘Pot Round and Round’) and uses thermodynamics to create the stirring motion. Heating water rises but since the walls of the pot are specially shaped, it is simultaneously propelled forward. The result is a pot of liquid that not only stirs itself but tends to channel food and more importantly foam to the middle, compacting it in the process and reducing the chances of a boilover. Chances are it might not work as well with thicker concoctions, but would be fine for simple stews, soups and pasta.

The Kuru-Kuru Nabe is not a commercially available product just yet, but Watanabe is looking for investors.

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