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Cookoo Smart Watch Says Me Too

Cookoo Smart Watch Says Me Too

By David Ponce

Perhaps fuelled by the phenomenal success of the Pebble Smartwatch (which went on to raise $10,266,845 on Kickstarter after seeking only $100,000), we have news of yet another watch that works with the iPhone and Android devices. It’s got much of the same features the Pebble did, albeit a little more low-key. It’s got Bluetooth 4.0 so will have very little impact on your phone’s battery life, and its job is simply to alert you. Whether it’s an email, a Tweet, a text, or a missed call, the watch can be setup any way you want. Aside from alerts, other uses include being a remote trigger for your phone’s camera, one button check-in device, even lost phone finder. Perhaps even more importantly, it won’t require a regular charge, like the Pebble did; the Cookoo goes over a year without needing to change the batteries.

It’s currently on Kickstarter and a pledge will set you back $80. The post funding MSRP is around $100, so there’s some savings to be made by order now.

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