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Record Your Gaming Exploits In Glorious H.264

Record Your Gaming Exploits In Glorious H.264

By David Ponce

Whether it’s a detailed walkthrough or a demonstration of your insane killstreak acquiring abilities, putting videos of gameplay online is a popular business. There are several ways you can record said video, and Elgato is now adding the above option to the fray. It’s called Game Capture HD and as the name suggests, it grabs the video in signal resolution of up to 1080i and compresses it with the H.264 compression algorithm, resulting in high quality video that you’re then free to upload wherever you please. In the case of the Xbox 360 is simply sits daisychained between two HDMI cords and grabs the signal that way, while in the case of the PS3 (with its stronger encryption), it has to use the bundled AV cable and use the analog signal.

You can get your starting in June for all of $200 through the Elgato website, Amazon and a variety of retailers.

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