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Hygienna Solo Is The Go-Everywhere Bidet

Hygienna Solo Is The Go-Everywhere Bidet

By David Ponce

Bidets. They often inspire fear and confusion amongst North-Americans that travel to Europe or the Middle-East. What’s supposed to happen? Water shoots up at us from below? It… washes us? Is it cold? Do you then wipe? What’s going on? But these fears should not be; bidets are great for hygiene and those that use them find the rest of us quite funny. And the bidet aficionados will be positively thrilled at the idea of the Hygienna Solo, a plastic attachment that fits most water bottles and lets you stay clean even when visiting a filthy non-bidet toilet. It’s not battery powered, just squeeze the bottle and let the stream do its business. And then… well, this editor doesn’t know as he’s one of the non-initiated. Still, if your boat will float, it’s $10.

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