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Tovolo Ice Spere Molds Are Cheaper Than Other Solutions

By David Ponce

Back in August of last year, we reported on this device that made spherical ice for proper whisky consumption. It worked… but cost $800. Today we present you the Tovolo Ice Sphere Mold. Instead of taking a large chunk of ice and pressing it into a ball, why not simply freeze it into that shape to start with? And save, oh, $785? Yeah, see, for $15 you can get this here mold and chill your beverage in the most efficient manner that doesn’t involve whisky rocks.

Granted, this won’t work in a bar setting, where you’ll likely need to keep making several spheres throughout the night. That was the target market for that other press. But for the home, this right here will do. Incidentally, it’ll give you 2.5 inch ice balls.

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